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Astrology is an ancient science and the study of influences of Heavenly Bodies on Geographic Bodies, which means that the astronomical bodies (planets) have an effect on human bodies (us) and the balance of it provides us with composed life. Sun is the only natural source of light and energy and there are lots of planets who are enlightened by sun’s light and few are self enlightened; emitting and reflecting energy towards us which gives us push or pulls of energies. And it affects our life accordingly. having the knowledge of these effects and making them balance is an ancient science which is called Astrology.

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Vastu is a science of arrangements of five basic elements in our house, office, factory, or any area where we spend our maximum time and which is directly linked to us. As sun is the only natural source of light and energy and when it rises and sets it emits different kind of energies through it’s rays. To create a balance of these energies in our environment Vastu helps us to arrange all the five elements in a manner that the energies from sun will gives us coordinated life.

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Clical Hypnosis Level 1

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